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Stone Walkway – Montchanin Neighborhood

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Your home's walkway is an important investment for the best curb appeal. This local Delaware neighborhood walkway is a prime example of their craftsmanship. Stone has the durability, beauty, and stability to make your dreams last for a lifetime. Having the right team of masonry mechanicrs to handle your home's approach will ensure the finished

Brick Step Entrance – Montchanin Corporate Center

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Many of our masonry projects are not full houses, schools, or churches. Many are repairs or enhancements to an existing structure. This corporate center project was for a new brick veneer entrance and steps with catch basins. The work requires the same meticulous attention to detail and locally-sourced quality materials so we put our top

Stone Entrance Sign for Local Neighborhood – Weldin Ridge

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A local community homeowners' association (HOA) contacted Renzi Masonry to complete a new neighborhood stone entrance sign for their Weldin Ridge community. The project involved planning & design, sourcing materials, hand-cutting stones, and creating the stone entrance sign to apply to the inner wall structure and meet local codes. Going through the planning stages with

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