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Our mission is to provide you with the superior stonework & masonry results your project requires to ensure the finest outcomes that last a lifetime. We bring your dreams to rock-solid reality! Our skills and experience remain our greatest strengths.

Sample Project Portfolio

Bringing your masonry and stonework dreams to life takes superior skill and strong experience to ensure great results. We invite you to look through our portfolio of completed projects to see the range of talent we take great pride in being trusted to create.

Customer Testimonials

We respect each customers’ needs and follow their plan to ensure they are completely satisfied when the job is complete. By paying close attention to the design and execution, we guarantee that your project exceeds your expectations like these satisfied customers.

Meet Paul J. Renzi

Paul Renzi

Paul J. Renzi is the Owner and Principal Masonry Mechanic.

He is an experienced masonry contractor and skilled masonry mechanic in your local area. His reputation is built on being meticulous in his trade. Trained by the old-world experts, he manages his mason, brick, and stone mechanic team to handle each project with the same skill he learned himself. Paul has over 28 years of mason expertise in the design, inspection, construction, and repair of all residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional components of structures. These include exterior walls, walkways, fireplaces, steps, patios, decks, indoor and outdoor load-bearing walls, and other structural components.

Paul RenziHis work is a testament to his years of dedication to his stone craft. This skill is not inherited, it is learned over years of sweat and hands-on experience. He leads a remarkable team of masonry engineers who have crafted many projects in the region. Many of which you may have passed in your day-to-day travels.

Paul has earned the company’s impeccable reputation for superior masonry, brick, granite, and stone results with fair pricing. All these lessons, he learned from his father (Pictured to the left in front of a beautifully completed fireplace project). A well-respected local business owner and tradesman, Paul is dedicated to family, community, team success, and client satisfaction. These are the goals that bring Renzi Masonry repeat business and the great word-of-mouth that helps find new customers. Each client is available as a reference, contact us if you need contacts to call to discuss our work.

Meet Our Team

Our Team
Our TeamExpert Masonry Mechanics
Our team of dedicated masonry mechanics is second to none in the areas we cover. Each has training in the highest standards of masonry work and has worked under master masons for many years. With over 70+ years of stone, brick, granite, and block experience, these Renzi Masonry experts are ready to share their experience with you. We work with you from the planning and design stages all the way through to your final inspection. Working as your dedicated team, we ensure the results meet and exceed your expectations. That’s our business goal, our mission, and our promise to you.

Recent Masonry Projects

We have two pages that display our current and past work. Feel free to explore the work to understand our experience and expertise with masonry projects.

Current projects
Before-After Projects

What our customers say…

Customers are one of our greatest references which are available to speak with you if you would like to have more information about our work ethic and professional experience. Our reputation as an honest and upstanding contractor is our calling card and that is why word-of-mouth gets around. We will gladly consult with you on your dream project so we can add spectacular results to your project. With permission, we would be pleased to add your results to our pages.

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