Masonry Projects Revealing Renzi Masonry’s Skill

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Examples of our current masonry projects can help you visualize the types of work that’s possible from our expert mechanics. The photos show examples of current plans to work-in-progress to finished projects. Each shows the exceptional masonry work results in Delaware and our region. To view more in-depth projects, visit our “Before-After” page.

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• Residential 8″ Structural Wall Veneer Repair – East Goshen, PA

Location: East Goshen, PA
Masonry Specifications: Failing house 8″ stone wall in need of expert structural repairs.

To see more about this exceptional project, check out our Before & After page!

• Residential Chimney Repair – North Wilmington, DE

Location: Shipley Road – Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Clinker Brick, Corbel Soldier Crown, Restoration, and Structural Repair

• Residential Chimney Complete Reconstruction and Roof Repair – 

Location: Media, PA
Masonry Specifications: Stucco chimney and cinderblock construction – removed stucco and replaced the entire brick casing

Chimney Repair & Construction Project Details:
  • Stucco chimney and cinderblock construction – removed stucco
  • Custom-created a 14-gauge soft copper pan and matching flashing to eliminate future issues that caused the original roof damage
  • Chimney material used: 53DD colonial brick
  • Installed high-quality weeper wicks safely to remove any moisture before penetrating the masonry or roof

• Brown Advisory – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Brick, Stone, and Structural Repair

• Hercules Mansion Gate Entrance Wall – Wilmington, DE

Location: Fauklen Road, Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Blue Granite (Split Iron), Weather Joint, Ribbon Pointing

• Christ Our King Church – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Granite, Limestone, and Significant Structural Restoration

• Residential Chimney Repair – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Clinker & Colonial Brick, Corbel & Decorative Soldier Coresink, Restoration, and Structural Repair

• Montchanin Corporate Center – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Brick Entrance Steps, Veneer, and Catch Basins

• Centerville School Admin Building Steps – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Brick Entrance pedestals, Granite Steps, and Brick Wall Repair

• Residential Stone Patio & Steps – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Stone Patio, Pedestals, Walls, and  Steps

• Residential Community Sign – Weldin Ridge

Location: Weldin Ridge, DE
Masonry Specifications: New Blue Stone Granite Sign Build – Suburban Community Entrance