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projects-portfolioWe will be building this Before-After portfolio of past projects here to show the final results of our masonry work. We are proud to have been trusted with such important work. The results speak for themselves, but seeing what we started with can tell a more compelling story. These photos will demonstrate our broad range of skills in masonry, brickwork, stonework, and structural repair. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Seeing the work-in-progress throughout a project serves many purposes:

  1. Sets the stage for what’s to be done with “before” pictures.
  2. Helps plan the process to ensure a successful project.
  3. Expertly and cleanly removes the damaged or compromised areas needing renovation.
  4. Shows the preparation of all materials required to complete the contracted job.
  5. In-progress pictures show the expert team completing each stage.
  6. “After” project pictures highlight the project’s outcome and results.

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What are Renzi Masonry Customers saying?

“There is not a better, more experienced mason around. He is very hands-on; even with a crew, he is there to ensure A+ quality. His standards for himself are quite high and he is very customer-focused. Paul is smart, personable, and a perfectionist. They don’t really make masons anymore like this. You have to be patient though as he is busy,” writes Thomas Sherry
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• Residential 8″ Structural Wall Veneer & Chimney Demo and Rebuild

Location: East Goshen, PA
Masonry Specifications: Failing house 8″ stone wall in need of expert structural repairs. The chimney required a full rebuild from water damage.

An established residence owned by Mr. Whiechall in East Goshen was noticeably distinguished by its stone veneer. Built back in 1975, this original home’s 8″ exterior wall was constructed with 50% Fieldstone combined with 50% Lafayette Mica. As history reveals to contractors now, this ratio of Fieldstone and Mica causes significant rifts (faults) in the stone wall veneer which means there is a high probability of structural faults. This was the case when Paul Renzi came to inspect the home’s stone veneer wall and chimney. His expert skills were contracted to help the homeowner by repairing the wall and chimney to restore the residence’s structural integrity safely back to current construction codes while maintaining the look fo the original period construction.

Key points of this extreme masonry repair:

  • Project Goal: redesign how the chimney was built to eliminate future issues and installed copper pan & flashing to eliminate any future water issues
  • Project took 1.5 years to completely rebuild the stone structure and chimney with time-tested masonry best practices
  • 20% Blue and 80% PA field stone with German Point
  • Custom 14-gauge soft copper pan & flashing was fabricated for the chimney
    • Eliminates water from passing through to masonry
    • Used the highest quality weeper wicks to safely remove future moisture
  • Chimney alone took 3 months to complete which most other masonry experts would have avoided
  • A total of 28 tons of material was brought in for the chimney rebuild
  • The dangerous pitch of the roof required custom scaffolding, special attention to construction details, and heavy lifting to create a lasting result!


It was determined that the home’s exterior wall was in need of quick, but substantial treatment due to constant moisture and the crushing weight of materials. The Renzi Masonry team of expert mechanics went to work setting up the equipment needed to safely demolish the exterior wall before completely rebuilding it. The first step was to choose the correct materials that would repair the home’s structural integrity while still matching the original look and feel of the residence’s wall. With the knowledge of faults in the original material combination well known, Paul constructed a time-tested combination of 80% Fieldstone and 20% Wilmington Blue Granite (Split Iron). With its far superior strength and longevity of this mixture, the rebuilding started.


With the repairs completed on time, the new wall now has the strength of materials to last for a lifetime. Saving this residence from the wall failure was of the utmost importance to the homeowner who was pleased he worked with an expert like Renzi Masonry to handle the desperate rebuild. The new wall matches the exact look and feel of the original wall just like when it was originally constructed over 45 years ago. The main difference is that Renzi Masonry applied the best strength of materials and expert experience to ensure the home will be ready to stand the test of time for the next 100 years.

AFTER PICTURES showing the superior final results.

• Complete Chimney Reconstruction from Water Damage

Location: Sharpley, PA
Masonry Specifications: Stucco chimney and cinderblock construction – removed stucco and replaced the entire brick casing

The water damage to this roof and chimney required a full demolition of the existing chimney and roof structure to begin. The water damage to the roof was so significant that it required construction repairs to ensure the future integrity of the chimney and roof. The goal was to eliminate any similar issues in the future. Renzi Masonry’s crew of experts custom-created a 14-gauge soft copper pan and matching flashing to eliminate any chance of future water seepage issues causing more roof damage.
Chimney Repair & Construction Project Details:
  • Ciderblock interior buildup
  • 5000psi grout inside with rebar to add structural integrity and eliminate any future movement
  • Stone veneer encapsulates the chimney over top of the custom 14-gauge soft copper providing superior weather and age deterioration
  • Materials included 53DD colonial brick to rebuild the chimney exterior casing
  • High-quality weeper wicks to safely remove any moisture before penetrating the masonry or roof


Using expert skill and attention to detail, Renzi Masonry was able to demolish the existing structure safely and without further damage to the existing residence. The key was to find the best practices to eliminate future water from causing issues in the chimney and roof. Using a soft copper pan and flashing to build a base that could remove moisture before constructing the brick casing was critical. Using Paul’s engineering experience and a keen understanding of masonry construction methods, they devised a plan to build a custom structure to ensure the copper pan and flashing would do the job for many years to come.

The results were beyond the customer’s expectations and knowing the new chimney will last for generations to come gives them peace of mind that’s priceless.


• Catholic Church Structural Repair – Christ Our King

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Port Deposit Granite and Limestone Restoration and Overall Structural Repair

A highly complex masonry project in the beautiful Wilmington suburbs. Our masonry mechanics were challenged to restore this historic granite and limestone church back to a safe and secure state. Multiple areas were in desperate need of repair. Father Joe oversaw this project from the beginning. These changes included sanctuary walls, stained-glass openings, ornate features, and granite structures. We addressed each area with exceptional care while applying our expert knowledge. The experienced teams offered the best solutions to bring this historic church’s integrity and beauty back.

Significant water deterioration and age caused multiple walls to show faults leading to noticeable deformations. The safety of the entire structure was called into question. This state of disrepair required the services of master masonry mechanics to first, evaluate the structure and second, restore it. With walls and other building areas showing enough wear and damage to indicate they were at the point of imminent collapse, special skill s were required to safely dismantle many walls and then shore them up with new granite and limestone materials in order to restore them safely and securely.


Using 60 tons of Port Deposit Granite, Renzi Masonry was able to overcome the significant material weight, damage, and other structural issues. Our mechanics and craftsmen expertly handled the removal of the damaged stones in order to access the interior damage. After they were able to evaluate all of the interial structural integrity, they set about applying their unique experience and skills to cutting new granite to rebuild the walls, ornate fixtures, and stained glass openings. The materials selected would match the existing ones perfectly. All the capstones were reclaimed limestone from the church itself. Using similar stone materials (or stone extracted from the same location as original), masonry mechanics cut and laid the new stone into the repaired areas. This would not only ensure the repair would be almost indiscernible from the original, but it would add generations of use to the church structure.

Special care had to be taken in order to accomplish the client’s goals while keeping the project within budget. We accomplished more than just meet their expectations – we exceeded them! And beyond that, we guaranteed the results. Historic structures that serve the neighborhoods are an integral part of a community full of memories for the parishioners that attended services there for generations. That deserves to be taken care of by a company that stands behind their work for years to come.


• Residential Chimney Repair – Wilmington, DE

Location: Wilmington, DE
Masonry Specifications: Clinker & Colonial Brick, Corbel & Decorative Soldier Coresink, Restoration, and Structural Repair

One of the noteworthy houses in Wilmington required a chimney that showed disrepair and needed significant repair to restore the chimney structures to remain safe and operational. Because these homes are old enough to have been built by Master Masons, the repair would require the same skills and expertise of an equally-trained and skilled craftsman in the modern age. The owner contracted Renzi Masonry about the project at hand.

From the Before pictures, it is clear to see the cracking bricks, deterioration of the grout, and decaying structural components of the chimney that led to their masonry repair contractor search.


The residential brick chimney was rebuilt from the firebox up. The repair used a blend of Clinker brick and reclaimed Colonial brick to reform the exterior walls with structural integrity. The Crown was rebuilt with a decorative corbel and decorative Soldier Coresink. Time and weather were responsible for the damage, but that could be restored by the right team. The work meets all New Castle County fire codes with a 4-hour fire rating.

As you can clearly see in the photographs of the finished project below, the residential chimney was handled by skilled experts who labored to ensure the chimney retains the same look and feel of the original craftsmanship over 100 years ago.


• Stone Stairs and Wall Restoration – Wilmington, DE

These iconic stone stairs were in need of desperate restoration to bring them back to a safe, complimentary feature on the grounds. Seeking a local Mason with expert experience in restoring stone stairs, they asked and client word-of-mouth brought them to Renzi Masonry. After inspecting the deterioration and damage over the years, the project was quickly quoted and the masonry mechanics went to work.


Time and weather are often the worst causes of damage beyond overuse. With expert attention, skill, and time – masonry restoration is an art that can breathe new life into older structures that will last for generations. Renzi Masonry has been at the forefront of making this possible. Using their time-proven masonry contractor techniques coupled with modern material knowledge and experience, they can make miracles happen. These stone steps will now last a lifetime.


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